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When Should You Wear Compression Clothing?

When Should You Wear Compression Clothing?   We love compression clothing. The science is finally beginning to demonstrate what athletes have known for years: compression garments improve recovery and performance, while reducing the risk of injury and generally making you feel great. The real question is, once you have compression clothing, when should you wear it? You can only reasonably wear these clothes so many times (assuming you plan on washing them), so it is important to use them to get the best possible effects. Training Aside from the fact that Compression clothing is a great way to stay warm, research points to the fact that there are also small increases in performance noted when wearing compression clothing during bouts...

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On Your Feet All Day?

On Your Feet All Day? Here’s How to Recover Your Legs   If you work long hours in any job that requires you to be on your feet all day – from hospitality to manual labor – you’re going to feel it. These jobs are tough and you deserve to take care of your legs and back to ensure that you stay healthy – especially if you are also a keen exerciser. This is a short guide to give you the best techniques for looking after your legs and reducing discomfort. Sleep We’ve already discussed sleep in another article, but it is worth repeating. Sleep is one of the most important factors in progress and recovery: the more, better sleep...

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The Importance and Timing of Stretching

The Importance and Timing of Stretching   Stretching has received a lot of negative attention recently: many authors in the health and fitness world have attached themselves to a few pieces of research that are critical of static stretching, and have mis-interpreted the literature. This article is a brief attempt to provide a full explanation of why you should stretch, when, and how it works. How Does Stretching Work? Recent evidence has pointed to the fact that muscles are not lengthened when you stretch them. This makes sense: you don’t want the muscles to lengthen too much during stretching as this can reduce their ability to contract, which is what provides muscular power. However, stretching allows the nervous system to...

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