Training Commences for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon:

Began training on September 11, 2018 for the race on January 11, 2019.

First, a little background about me and some physical obstacles I have had.  I grew up racing motocross and finding joy in extreme sports or challenges. These obviously resulted in a lot of injuries but one of the major injuries was a double achilles tendon rupture in October 2010.  This set me back a long time with very extensive Physical Therapy but I was determined to make a full recovery. I ran my first half marathon in October 2014 in 1:58 minutes (I was not a runner but VERY pleased with this result).

In October of 2015 I completely tore my ACL and broke my foot, again riding MX. I will go into both of these injuries and recovery periods in full detail, in the near future. For this ACL tear, I opted out of surgery at the last minute and went through extensive rehabilitation.  All I wanted to do was be able to golf!  Here I am, 3 years later, still with the torn ACL, and training  for this Half Marathon.

Training has commenced on Sept 11, 2018.  I have not ran on pavement since before my ACL injury so I wanted to see where I stood.  I wanted to get about 3 miles in but was only able to get in around 2 before I could really feel the pain, so I called it a day. Wow, this is going to be harder than I originally thought but I am glad I set this goal for January 2019!

Saturday, September 16th-  I was able to run 2.6 miles and felt pretty good. Was a little sore the following day but I knew I had several months to prepare my body for the half marathon. 

Sooo, I thought I would do some Yoga as a cooldown on Tuesday Sept. 18th.  Everything was fine until I tried to “show off” by doing a headstand (I am about 15lbs heavier and a lot older than the last time I did one lol). Well that didn’t go so well, ended up falling and feeling my neck crumble underneath my body.  Initially, I was very scared because a lot of bad feelings were happening in my back and especially in my chest near my rib cage. The next day I went to the chiro and he said I had 3 vertebrae out of place and a cracked rib cartilage.  I felt very lucky that it was nothing more severe.  I am able to lightly train if I wear a very tight compression shirt or wrap for my ribs. Looks like the training will continue.

September 23rd- Somehow I am able to run, like I said, with a full compression shirt.  I made it a nice slow 2.2 miles today.  I needed something to keep me in the game and not fall too far behind. I was also aware of my injury and was very cautious as to the pace and distance.  I know if I injure myself further, that the training will end and my setback will be extreme. Better to take it easy and still be able to train than to be out permanently.

September 30th – I have taken most of the week off but decided to get out and run again today. I made it 2.7 miles at a very slow pace.  Same thing, extremely cautious with my injury as to not aggravate it any further.  I really want to be competitive in my half marathon race but also know that I may just be able to run at a smooth pace to finish. Every time i run or do HIIT workouts, i wear our knee compression sleeves as well as our Calf Compression Leg Sleeves.