About us

Thank you for taking the time to read further into our business.  Our mission is to help you maintain or improve while protecting your body or recovering from injury.  We have selected each and every one of our products very carefully. Vin Zen believes in the health and wellness of individuals and couples and that is why we have the products we do.  We strive to provide solutions that assist in your lifestyle and are here to help better individuals lives and leave the world better than it was yesterday.

B-Vin:  B grew up racing motocross, snowboarding, mountain biking, playing baseball, and golf.  Recently, he has transitioned from the more extreme sports (he is over the hill for those sports) into the more body-friendly sports like golf, biking, paddling etc...(although he does still hop on an MX bike occasionally). He is passionate about youth and helping them to become competitive yet humble. 



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