Personally and as a brand, we believe in giving back to those in less fortunate situations. This is why we have always given and will continue to give to the charities listed below:


Nationwide Children's Hospital: This hospital has been near and dear to our hearts for a long time.  They offer the highest level of treatment for kids in any situation.

nationwide childrens hospital charity for kids


Life For Haiti:  This is another one that is close to us and ALL funds are used for helping locals, mainly orphans.  We personally know the organizers and trust how the money is being used.

haiti charity orphans school children


Our Local Homeless Shelter: We have committed to give our local shelter a pair of socks for each item we sell.  We donate on top of this as well but figured it goes hand-in-hand with our brand and socks are one of THE main necessities for the homeless.

homeless shelter with us navy serving men


Our Home Church:  We believe in giving back to our local church and to God, who has provided for us.  Our local church is involved in over 50 outreach ministries that positively impact thousands of lives every year.

church ministry outreach